Red Hot Love Relationships Review

                By Susie and Otto Collins

Red Hot Love Relationships is an excellent resource for couples looking to turn up the heat (in and out of the bedroom) and deepen their relationship.  This isn’t your typical book about love, passion, intimacy and creating a red hot relationship. It’s a bit different.

While we certainly don’t shy away from discussing relationship issues and “taboo” subjects that are not often talked about, this book is NOT about the latest techniques or sexual positions you might use in playing a game of erotic twister.

You also won’t find anything in the book that could be perceived as being about unhealthy seduction or manipulation. 

What you will find in this book are the true secrets are to an alive, growing, delicious, juicy, vibrant, close, connected red hot relationship or marriage.

The book covers a wide variety of subjects in 77 short, easy to digest chapters—from your internal thoughts on sex and relationships, and what might hold you back, to new ideas for seducing your partner in a healthy way—and everything in between. Tip #39 is one the favorites of most readers. It has certainly sparked a fire between many couples and helped them to draw closer.  

 In short, by the time you’ve finished reading and learning the skills and ideas in this book, you’ll absolutely know what it takes to create a relationship or marriage filled with all the love, passion, connection (and even steamy sex) that you would ever want.

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